Black History Month Featured Body Positive Trainers

Black History Month Featured Body Positive Trainers

Trainers from top left to bottom right: Donna Noble, Natalie Dunbar, Marsha Banks-Harold, Justice Roe Williams, Dianne Bondy, Adina Crawford

All February long, for Black History Month we're featuring Black trainers and fitness professionals who offer body positive and fat postive movement options.


Representation in fitness spaces is of the utmost importance for us all to have healthier relationships with our own bodies and what it's like to move in those bodies. For far too long, beauty and fitness standards have overrepresented thin, cis, heteronormative, white bodies leaving Black, Brown, Indigenous, queer, trans, fat and plus-size bodies severely underrepresented, if at all.

From yoga to cycling to lifting kettlebells, we hope that our Body Positive Fitness Finder can help you find the anti-diet trainer that works for you.

Hire Black trainers, visit Black-owned fitness studios, support Black community spaces, cheer for Black athletes and support their work, not just this month, EVERY DAY. 



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