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Team Sponsorships

Superfit Hero Sponsored Team, Team Indigenous Rising Roller Derby, photo by Jim Vernier at WFTDA Champs 2019

Photo credit: Jim Vernier

Superfit Hero Sponsored teams represent the values and ideals of athleticism, empowerment and inclusivity.

    Our team sponsorship program is a way for us to support organizations in their athletic endeavors and to introduce new athletes to our amazing products.

    All adult sports teams and clubs in the U.S. are welcome to apply. Roller Derby, Rugby, Running, CrossFit, Dodgeball, Soccer, and more!

    For more information about sponsorship, fill out the 2020 Team Sponsorship Application and we'll get back to you shortly.

    Note: We are making some edits to our sponsorship program and are not reviewing new applications at this time. You are still welcome to apply and we’ll get back to you when we are able.

    Sponsored Teams receive:

    • Huge discounts for your entire team and organization
    • Promotional Collaboration
    • Recruit new members with our Body Positive Fitness Finder

    Roster of sponsored teams:

    Angel City Derby

    Cincinnati Rollergirls

    Gotham Girls Roller Derby

    Humboldt Roller Derby

    Los Anarchists Junior Derby

    Monterey Bay Roller Derby

    Philly Roller Derby

    RebelTown Rollers

    Rock Town Roller Derby

    Rodeo City Rollergirls

    Team Indigenous Rising Roller Derby

    Windy City Rollers


    Group Discounts

    Now any team or group can benefit from a Superfit Hero sponsorship! No application necessary. Simply gather your group and save 25% on an order of $500 or more. Use the promo code SQUADGOALS at checkout. Discount only applies to bottoms only (leggings, capris, & shorts). Shipping charges may apply.