SuperSoft Travel Essentials

Our plus size travel clothes are easy to wear and soft as a cloud. Fabrics are lightweight, breathable, moisture-wicking, and fully opaque. Designed for comfort and ease all day long. Sit back and enjoy the flight!

  • Next Level Comfort Leggings

    "SuperSoft leggings are amazing! The comfort is next level and as always, the Superfit FIT is it!"

    - Siri, AirFit| 2X

  • Joggers are a lesson in well-designed comfort

    "These are absolutely wonderful joggers! Thick, secure waistband with a drawstring that works, soft and comfortable material, and a high rise that leaves enough room for the stomach. They are not tight on my calf muscles, which is a problem I've had with other joggers. I have two pairs that I plan to work from home, work out, sleep, travel, and lounge in."

    - Hayley, WaterFit | XL

  • Super Soft Strappy Bra

    "The fabric is super soft! I feel supported but not squeezed. It's perfect I love it. The SuperSoft Strappy bra is my favorite of all time. I need it in both colors."

    - Laura, FireFit | 3X