Boston Roller Derby, sponsored team by Superfit Hero.

Sponsored Team: Boston Roller Derby

Boston Roller Derby

Join us in welcoming Boston Roller Derby to our roster of sponsored teams for 2023. Based in Boston, Massachusetts, the teams was founded in May 2005 when a group of women began training at hockey rinks throughout greater Boston.

They became one of the founding members of WFTDA and held their debut game in March 2006. Over the past decade, BRD has grown into a league with three interleague teams: The Boston Massacre (A Team), the Boston B Party (B Team), and the Boston Common (C Team), along with four intraleague (or home) teams: the Cosmonaughties, the Horrors, the Nutcrackers, and the Wicked Pissahs. We're proud to welcome them to the roster of Superfit Hero Sponsored Teams for 2023.


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