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Zumba with Lexie

January 25, 2021

Superfit Hero Body Positive Fitness Trainer Lexie Safford Zumba
Lexington, SC, USA

Lexie Safford is a licensed Zumba Instructor and Olympic Weightlifting competitor. She loves teaching Zumba for one reason, "Every class feels like a party!" and she guarantees that you'll have a blast in any of her classes. She inspires her students to love their strong bodies and feel sexy at any size.

Zumba is a fun introduction to exercise. Dancing is for everybody and every body type. Zumba brings out the shining light that we all have inside of us. Lexie's classes are an exciting and lively environment, join her to ENJOY your workout!

Certifications: Zumba Certified Instructor, CPR & AED

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