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Sponsored Gyms & Trainers

Together, we can change the fitness industry.

We are committed to building a more body positive, inclusive, and empowering fitness industry. Sponsored gyms and trainers receive sample products for review, discounts for their customers, and promotional collaboration. For more information about sponsorship, fill out our application form: 



Everybody Gym, Superfit Hero Sponsored Gym EVERYBODY, Los Angeles, CA
EVERYBODY is devoted to providing a brave and supportive environment for all bodies to move, strengthen, and heal. We believe that health and wellness should be accessible, affordable and adaptive to all people regardless of their gender, race, age, size, or ability.
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Louise Green, Big Fit Girl, Superfit Hero sponsored trainer

 Louise Green, Big Fit Girl

Louise Green is a plus size athlete, trainer, author, and advocate. Louise has dedicated the last decade to disrupting the fitness industry by creating a movement where people of all shapes and sizes can feel included. She has been recognized by Self Magazine as one of the "Top Trainers to Follow" and by Women of Influence as one of the "Top Five Women in Canada Boldly Changing the World for Women and Girls." You can train with Louise from anywhere with one of her online coaching programs. 
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Bevin, Queer Fat Femme & Fat Kid Dance Party, Superfit Hero sponsored trainer

Bevin, Queer Fat Femme & Fat Kid Dance Party

Hi! I’m Bevin! A childhood of bullying because of my weight kept me off the dance floor. When I found body liberation activism, the idea that all bodies are worthy of love no matter what, it changed my life. I have been reclaiming dance floors along with teaching, performing and writing about body liberation for over fifteen years. I am an AFAA certified group exercise instructor and developed Fat Kid Dance Party (For All Sizes to Heal from Body Oppression) to help other folks learn to love their bodies, embrace their awkwardness and open up to self care!
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Liberation Barbell, Superfit Hero Sponsored Gym

Liberation Barbell, Portland OR
Liberation Barbell is a celebration of diversity, body and fat positivity, empowerment and strength over looks. We are founded on the idea that physical fitness should be accessible to any body regardless of age, race, ability, gender identity, sexuality, current health, or size. We use barbells, kettlebells, and free weights as tools to strengthen our minds and our connection to ourselves and each other. 
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Amber Karnes, Body Positive Yoga, Superfit Hero Sponsored Trainer

 Amber Karnes, Body Positive Yoga

Amber Karnes is the founder of Body Positive Yoga. She’s a ruckus maker, yoga asana teacher (E-RYT 200), social justice advocate, and a lifelong student of her body. Her commitment to inclusive, adaptive yoga practice empowers thousands of diverse practitioners around the globe. Amber is the creator of the Body Positive Clubhouse, an online community dedicated to building unshakable confidence and living out loud. Through her workshops, retreats, and online yoga and wellness offerings, she seeks to further the message of inclusivity, consent, agency, body positivity, and accessibility for all on and off the yoga mat.
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Robyn Warren, Geek Girl Strong, Superfit Hero sponsored coach

Robyn Warren, Geek Girl Strong
Robyn Warren, M.S. Ed. is a New York City based Health/Physical Educator and ACE Certified Health Coach. She believes that no one should have to choose between being the athlete or the nerd and has set out to help people realize that they are the super heroines they thought they would only read about. In 2015 she founded Geek Girl Strong to help every body improve their lives in relation to physical activity, nutrition, and mental health, all in the name of wellness & magic. You can join the Geek Girl Strong community in person or online.
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Laura Burns, Radical Body Love, Superfit Hero sponsored coach
Laura Burns, Radical Body Love
Laura Burns is a fierce, fat, feminist yogi obsessed with bringing body-affirming yoga and self-love coaching into as many lives as possible. She's an E-RYT 200 yoga teacher, the creator of Radical Body Love Yoga and HoopAsana, and is committed to helping folks honor their bodies in each moment
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Maxwell Schneider, Transformation Athletics, Superfit Hero sponsored trainer
Max Schneider, Transformation Athletics
Max is a gender expansive, lifelong competitive athlete, ISSA certified personal trainer, and founder of Transformation Athletics in Columbus Ohio. Providing personalized, affirming fitness services to trans and queer folks, Max’s coaching philosophy bridges the gap between physical wellness and mental heath. Additionally, they are building an online forum for trans and gnc folks interested in learning about fitness with a safe, supportive, and understanding environment. 
Learn more at
Follow max on Instagram: @transformation_athletics


  Superfit Hero Sponsored Trainer Kate Browne

Kate Browne, Taking Up Space
Kate Browne is a writer, speaker, and multi-sport athlete affiliated with the Body Positive Fitness Alliance. Her TEDx Talk, “How I Found Real Fitness Inspiration: Saying ‘No’ to Fitspo,” shows how marketing tactics of the 19th century freak show influence the fitness industry today. She is also the founder of Taking Up Space, a self-care advocacy project that promotes inclusive marketing in the health, wellness, and fitness industries.
Learn more about how to work with Kate at




Size Chart

We pride ourselves on a superior fit. Use this chart to find the right size Superfits for you. 

It's all about the hips! Measure your hips at their widest point using a soft measuring tape.

If you are between sizes, we recommend the following. If your body is hourglass shaped, size down. If you are more apple or box-shaped, choose the larger size. 

OUR SUPERFIT GUARANTEE: Every body is different. We want you to love your Superfit products. If you prefer another size, we will exchange it for free! More...

US SIZE 0 - 2
4 - 6
8 - 10
12 - 14
16 - 18
20 - 22
24 - 26
28 - 30
32 - 34
WAIST (inches)
23 - 27
27 - 30
30 - 33
33 - 36
36 - 40
40 - 45
46 - 51
52 - 56
56 - 60
HIPS (inches)
32 - 38
38 - 41
41 - 44
44 - 48
48 - 52
53 - 58
58 - 62
63 - 67
68 - 72

Check out our full size range on real athletes here: #MYFIT 

Superfit Hero Size Chart Size XS - 5XL

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