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Together, we can change the fitness industry.

We are committed to building a more body positive, inclusive, and empowering fitness industry. Sponsored gyms and trainers receive sample products for review, discounts for their customers, and promotional collaboration. For more information about sponsorship, fill out our application form: 



Laci Knight, Knight Strong Training, Superfit Hero sponsored trainer

Laci Knight, Knight Strong Training
Laci Knight is a CrossFit coach, personal trainer, and one of the world’s most sought after Roller Derby coaches. As an athlete, Laci has competed at the highest levels, including winning a gold medal with USA Roller Derby in 2018. Roller Derby gave Laci the confidence she needed to leave her corporate job and become a coach full time. Laci’s greatest passion is helping you follow yours!
Learn more at knightstrong.com


Jenna Doak, BOPOMOVE, Superfit Hero sponsored trainer
Jenna Doak, BOPOMOVE
Jenna Doak is a personal trainer of 11 years in Toronto Canada. After fighting her body for years trying to obtain a "personal trainer's body," she discovered body positivity online and dove right in. She gave up extreme dieting and workouts and started living intuitively. Now she teaches her clients and class attendees to do the same. She runs a body positive training business and a class called Body Positive Movement aka BOPOMOVE, where she encourages all fitness levels and ALL bodies to participate. Her goal is to make fitness & training fun and accessible for every BODY! 
Learn more at bodypositivefitness.ca


Rini Frey, Own it Babe, Superfit Hero sponsored trainer

Rini Frey, Own it Babe
Rini Frey is a fitness instructor, TRX trainer and online Eating Disorder Recovery coach. Having recovered from her own eating disorders, Rini has made it her mission to help women embrace their bodies as they are and to focus on what their bodies are capable of instead of what they look like. "Fit is a feeling more so than a look and I am beyond excited to be part of the body positive fitness movement."
Learn more at ownitbabe.ca

Donna Noble, CurveSomeYoga, Superfit Hero sponsored coach

Donna Noble, CurveSomeYoga
Donna Noble is the founder of CurveSomeYoga, a certified yoga specialist, a coach and a body positive advocate. She believes that yoga is for everyBODY and is working towards evolving the image of yoga. She embodies these ideals by making her classes, retreats, and workshops more diverse and inclusive. Her motto is: "If you have a body + do yoga = yoga body!" 
Learn more about Donna at thenobleartofyoga.co.uk


Wendy Welsher, Superfit Hero sponsored trainer

Wendy Welsher, Sacramento, CA
Wendy Welsher is an AFAA Certified Personal Trainer and Manager at HIIT Fitness. Wendy has overcome a past full of unhealthy habits and has turned her life around by becoming a triathlete and trainer so that she can help inspire and lead others. She will help you build strength and confidence no matter what your current size or fitness level. She takes a fun and enjoyable approach to body positive fitness and is more than just a coach and instructor, as she’ll be right there to sweat it out with you on your journey to becoming a better you.

Follow Wendy at instagram.com/wendycwelsher


Rachel McDonald, Superfit Hero sponsored trainer

 Rachel McDonald, Santa Barbara, CA
Rachel is the owner of a small-group and personal training studio, Fitness with Rachel, where she works primarily with middle-age and better women (though everyone is welcome). Her philosophy toward exercise is that it is best when shared in a friendly, supportive and uplifting environment. At her mirror-free studio, Rachel creates balanced and sustainable programs for improved health and ability, to empower you to live a life without restrictions. Love yourself enough to exercise, today!

Learn more at fitnessrachel.com


Bianca Russo, Body Positive Bootcamp, Superfit Hero sponsored trainer

 Bianca Russo, Body Positive Bootcamp, Washington, DC
Bianca is a NASM-certified personal trainer and the founder of Body Positive Bootcamp. By providing fitness services that are affirming to all body sizes & all gender identities, Body Positive Bootcamp hopes to further extend the accessibility of fitness to the diverse communities in the District of Columbia.
Learn more at bodypositivebootcamp.com.


Amanda Brindley, Fitbump
Amanda is the Owner and Primary Instructor at Fitbump , a unique group fitness studio offering Pre and Postnatal Strength classes, bootcamps and yoga. Amanda is passionate about educating and empowering moms to look after their health and wellness, as well as sending the body neutrality message because moms often feel SO much pressure to look a certain way. Fitbump is helping moms realize we are more than our bodies, and can be strong and healthy at any size.  
Check out http://www.fitbump.ca/ for more info. 


Tiffany Brain, Nerdstrong Gym
Tiffany is a body positive trainer dedicated to providing her clients with a supportive and challenging environment. She found Nerdstrong Gym in North Hollywood, CA while recovering from an ACL injury. Nerdstrong and the community she found there played a huge role in her recovery. Tiffany joined the Nerdstrong team as a Gym Master in January 2018, and since then she's created the Amazon Warrior Weekend and several themed Boss monster Saturday workouts. Nerdstrong has built one of the most adventurous, creative, inclusive gyms in the known universe. It doesn’t matter if you’ve trained for eons or if this is your first step into a gym, they're committed to seeing everyone level up.

For more info, check out nerdstronggym.com 

Betsy Archer PlayFit AVL Superfit Hero Sponsored Trainer

Betsy Archer, PlayFit AVL
Betsy is a certified personal trainer, wellness coach, and clinical social worker based in Asheville, North Carolina. She runs a personal training studio, PlayFit AVL, with a focus on making fitness accessible to all bodies. She believes fitness should be FUN and playful, not a punishment. Betsy's ultimate goal is to help clients feel better in their bodies so they can do the things that make them happy!

For more info, check out playfitavl.com

KrysAnn Superfit Hero Sponsored Trainer

KrysAnn Boggs, BodyBlissFitness.co
KrysAnn is a pregnant and postpartum fitness specialist based in North Dakota. She is ISSA certified in personal training and group fitness, a BodyPump instructor, a Precision Nutrition Level 1 coach, and a member of the Body Positive Fitness Alliance. She provides weight-neutral, shame-free coaching for moms both in-person and online. It is her passion to help women find confidence and happiness in LIFTING the weight instead of losing it.

For more info, check out bodyblissfitness.co 

Anna Chapman, Body Love Yoga
Anna's mission in life is to create a safe space for people to connect and land in their bodies. Having started yoga feeling like she and her body didn't fit in, she has since come to the conclusion that the most empowering act of self-care is to take up as much unapologetic space as is needed both on the mat and in life. She is passionate in her pursuits to make yoga accessible for all bodies. She loves weaving meditation and mindfulness into class, reminding students of their inherent worthiness and support by simply being in bodies on this earth.

Connect with Anna at iamannachapman.com