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Together, we can change the fitness industry.

We are committed to building a more body positive, inclusive, and empowering fitness industry. Sponsored gyms and trainers receive sample products for review, discounts for their customers, and promotional collaboration. For more information about sponsorship, fill out our application form: 



Elliot Musgrave, Superfit Hero sponsored trainer
 Elliot Musgrave, Los Angeles, CA
Elliot is a Transmasculine, Non-Binary personal trainer, and bases their practice out of the radically inclusive wellness facility, Everybody Los Angeles.  Elliot primarily works with Transgender and GNC (gender non-conforming) people, and they enthusiastically work with folks of all abilities and body types.  Elliot utilizes nontraditional training modalities to help clients find accessibility and joy in moving their bodies.
Follow Elliot at  instagram.com/werk_out


Mallory Cislo, Positively Fit Lake Highlands, Superfit Hero sponsored trainer
Mallory Cislo, Positively Fit Lake Highlands
Mallory Cislo is the founder and head trainer of Positively Fit Lake Highlands in Dallas, Texas, a unique training space dedicated to the notion that fitness should be fun, social, safe, and health-centered. As a Regional Director of the Body Positive Fitness Alliance, Mallory is committed to making fitness a gratifying habit for people of every shape and size - not just in her community, but all over the world. Work with Mallory in studio or virtually from anywhere with her online coaching programs.
Learn more at positivelyfitlakehighlands.com.
Zhenya and Sevana, Ratio Cycling
At Ratio Cycling, the theory behind the Golden Mean is the foundation of their belief in interconnectedness - not just as a species but with everything in existence, from plants to mollusks to music to our very own galaxy. Finding balance in a world of constant flux is challenging. To that end, Ratio Cycling's goal is to create a space where the individual can join others in their quest for harmony and peak health. They aim to achieve this by offering cycling programming with state-of-the-art equipment for all fitness levels by targeting cardiovascular improvement, physical strength and untapped potential for athleticism.
Learn more at ratiocycling.com.


Katie Feeley, Power Plant Gym, Superfit Hero sponsored trainerKatie Feeley, Power Plant Gym
Katie is the owner of Power Plant Gym, a Body Positive Fitness Alliance Verified Facility in Aston, PA. As a lifelong athlete and current strongwoman competitor, Katie has personally experienced the power of strength sports in building physical strength, emotional strength, independence, confidence, self-love, and community. She is passionate about making strength sports accessible and approachable to people of all sizes, shapes, and ability levels while maintaining the competitive integrity of the sports. Katie teaches powerlifting, weightlifting, strongman/strongwoman, and CrossFit as well as coaching high school and college athletes. She also coaches an incredible team of women who compete in powerlifting and strong woman.

Learn more at thepowerplantgym.com.


Amber Mikaelsson, Rural Rebel Mama, Superfit Hero sponsored trainer

Amber Mikaelsson, Rural Rebel Mama
Amber is writer, trainer, and enthusiastic flexer hailing from Alberta, Canada. While her first love will always be dance, Amber’s love affair with strength training began 5 years ago. She is passionate about sharing movement as a self-care technique with her clients and readers via a shame-free, fun approach, and is borderline obsessed with spreading the messages of body positive fitness.
Learn more at facebook.com/ruralrebelmama


Julie Shiller, Superfit Hero sponsored trainer
Julie Shiller, Long Beach, CA
Julie Shiller is a trained social worker turned fitness professional based in Long Beach, California. Her mixed-modality, minimalist training style emphasizes the use of kettlebells, barbells, and bodyweight movements to ensure clients feel and move their best. She uses body positive language as part of a holistic approach that focuses on mental, spiritual, and physical wellbeing. Julie believes in providing a safe and inclusive space for clients to find their spark; their unique reason for moving that transforms their lives both inside and outside the gym. She specifically caters to clients who identify as LGBT and gender non-conforming, as well as individuals who are not comfortable in a traditional gym setting.


Misty Greer, Pia Mess, Superfit Hero sponsored trainer
Pia Mess, Roller Derby Trainer 
Misty Greer aka Pia Mess is a 14-year vet in Roller Derby. She uses her derby knowledge along with her Personal Training and CrossFit certifications to train skaters all over the world, on and off skates, with a focus on sports performance over aesthetics.


Elis Bradshaw, Superfit Hero sponsored trainer

Elis Bradshaw, Minneapolis, MN
Elis Bradshaw is an NASM Certified Personal Trainer, Muay Thai instructor, and Precision Nutrition Level 1 coach based in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Her mission is to help people connect with their bodies exactly where they're at, rather than struggling to fit them into an arbitrary set of standards. Her goal is to make you strong, confident, and at home in your own skin-whatever that looks like for you!
Learn more at elisbradshaw.com


Kyle FairallKyle Fairall, QUEERFLEX

 Kyle, Executive Director of QUEERFLEX - Canada's first nonprofit queer-centered gym - is a CanFit-Pro Personal Training Specialist. They have always been passionate about creating space for LGBTQIA2S+ folks in the many communities they are a part of. In addition to queer-centered fitness, Kyle is also a strong advocate for nonbinary and trans inclusion in the broader fitness world, and facilitates education sessions for gym owners and fitness professionals aimed at making their spaces safer and more inclusive for the LGBTQIA2S+ community as a whole.

Find out more at queerflex.com

Lexie Safford, ZUMBA

 Lexie is a licensed Zumba Instructor and Olympic Weightlifting competitor out of Lexington, South Carolina. She loves teaching Zumba for one reason, "Every class feels like a party!" and she guarantees that you'll have a blast in any of her classes. Lexie inspires her students to love their strong bodies and feel sexy at any size.

Find out more at lexiesafford.zumba.com 


Cassandra Cardiff - Oxford, U.K. - Yoga

 Cassandra is a socially conscious yoga and fitness teacher with a passion for making dynamic yoga accessible. She teaches Core Strength Vinyasa, Yoga Shred® (yoga + HIIT fusion) and Yoga For All, integrating contemporary knowledge of anatomy and biomechanics into her teaching. Her focus is on adjusting postures and flows to meet the needs and body of the yoga practitioner - not the other way around. Cassandra teaches postures from the ground-up to promote movement led by the inner-core. This core-led practice helps individuals build inner-strength and resilience. 

Find out more at cassandracardiffyoga.com

 Melanie Williams Foundspace Yoga Superfit Hero Sponsored Trainer

Melanie Williams, Found Space Yoga

Melanie, RYT-200, is a fat, queer, non-binary yoga teacher and self-love advocate in Washington, D.C. She is called to create profoundly accessible spaces for wellness, self-inquiry, and the inward journey by integrating spiritual teachings and adaptive movement practices with the spirit of social justice. Melanie believes that the goal of yoga, as of life, is collective liberation, and in turn challenges contemporary yogis to dismantle the systems and beliefs that hold us all back. In addition to teaching group and private yoga classes, she offers workshops that explore queer identity and body image, advises leading industry groups, and champions diversity and representation in the broader yoga community as a member of the Yoga & Body Image Coalition leadership team. Photo by Fid Thompson.

Learn more about practicing with Melanie at foundspaceyoga.com

Ladies Who Shred Superfit Hero Sponsored Community


Amy Cullen, Ladies Who Shred

Amy is building a community called "Ladies Who Shred" encouraging all types of women to get into adventure sports and the outdoors. Historically and stereotypically, there's a specific view of what women should look like in order to do these things, and Ladies Who Shred are shredding those notions. Ladies Who Shred is for all ages, body shapes, body sizes, body types, ethnicities, and economic means. It's about raising awareness and supporting women already shredding and those who want to get into it. They foster growth and support through peer-to-peer education and confidence-building. Amy herself is a self-proclaimed "unlikely adventurer" and proof that women are capable of so much more than the media tells/sells us. The goal is to change the world and redefine what it means to be a shredder, and in particular, a Lady Shredder!

Find out more at ladieswhoshred.com 



Yoga Society by Becky

Becky is a Yoga Teacher, Chanting Leader & Body Positive Advocate. After years of neglect, constant dieting, and not feeling good enough she's been on her own life-changing journey. Becky is on a mission to inspire others to ditch the negativity and truly learn to love their amazing bodies. She also leads meditation in schools and runs unique body positive workshops and events where all bodies are SO welcome. 

Check out yogasocietybybecky.com