Collection: Bike Shorts

Finally, plus size bike shorts that won't roll or slip. A high waist band, squat-proof and thigh-saving fit, long inseam and two pockets make our women's plus size bike shorts ultra-supportive for any movement while still comfortable enough for all day wear. Made with high performance SuperHold™ fabric and our world-renowned fit, you get breathable, moisture-wicking, and curve-hugging shorts that will soon become wardrobe staples. Wear these women's plus size bike shorts with pockets to workout or any other time you want to prevent chafing. We recommend throwing a pair on under a dress or skirt as thigh-savers with secret pockets.

Developed over years of fit testing with plus size models, we offer a superior fitting women's plus size bike short that you can't get anywhere else. Available in 8 plus sizes meticulously designed to fit your body.