Workout of the Week: Fat Positive Chair Yoga Flow with Kate Mosher

Weekly Workout: Fat Positive Chair Yoga with Kate Mosher

Each week, we're featuring an online movement class with studios and trainers from the Body Positive Fitness Finder.

Fat Positive Chair Yoga with Kate Mosher (11 mins.) is a gentle chair yoga flow to ease you in or out of your day. Kate is a fat yoga teacher who is passionate about making yoga accessible and liberating for all people in all bodies. On Mondays, she offers a Slow Mo Moment where we can move, breathe, and be in community. These are short 5-10 minute videos that are accessible for all folks, and particularly designed for folks in fat bodies.

If you enjoy this class with Kate and want to continue practicing with her, get in touch here.





***NOTE: We're sharing these weekly workouts for those of you looking for a little home-friendly movements. We never want you to feel pressured to workout and want to remind everyone that needing a rest day/week/month is totally valid. Hope you all are staying safe & well.***

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