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See why Superfits are the best plus size leggings on the planet! Sweat wicking technology keeps you dry, quick dry fabric doesn't show sweat, a high waistband that actually stays put while you're moving and two pockets. With hundreds of five star reviews for our true-to-size fit, stellar customer service and accurate size chart, you can feel confident knowing that you're getting premium plus size leggings, sports bras, and activewear. All made specifically with you in mind.

Made by plus size athletes for plus size athletes, that means Superfits are MADE FOR YOUR BODY. Still not convinced, read what our community has to say.

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Fit Details: True to Size

I LOVE these shorts! They stay put even in my hardest workouts. They are high quality, and a gold standard for what athleisure should be.

Fit Details: True to Size
Best Compression Shorts! WITH POCKETS!

I've been wearing this style for over a year now. I have 2 pairs of the bike shorts and 1 pair of the full length leggings. I wear each item at least once a week, depending on weather. I've worn them on day hikes and on long run days and on relay days where I do short runs at certain intervals all day long. They are the only compression bottoms I've found that actually support my body when I run and reduce painful jiggling. They're also incredibly comfortable and don't feel constricting at all, which feels like magic given how supportive they are! Also: pockets. I am spoiled now and refuse to buy any workout bottoms without pockets.

Fit Details: True to Size
Customer Service and Comfort

Excellent pants for hiking. They stay in place better than most and have a smooth substantial fabric. I will be wearing these on a 6 month hike.

I would love to see these made with deeper pockets. Also, as others mentioned, pet fur sticks to these like crazy but rolls off very easily.

Customer service is stellar. I had an issue with my first order and they contacted me and corrected it. The replacement is exactly what I was hoping for.
Definitely contact them if you have a problem.

Thank you so much for giving us the opportunity to make things right. We always try to go the extra mile. Good luck with all your upcoming miles, by the way! So glad you'll be taking us with you on your hike! - Micki K

Fit Details: True to Size
Almost perfect

I am in love with these leggings and wore them for my first 10k walk/run. The thickness, compression, side pockets, color, and overall fit is excellent. I did still have some issues with the high waist sliding down on me and had to keep pulling up, but I am a full size to size and a half smaller in my wait than in my hips, so it's not likely any leggings would not do that on me. Also, the reflective label on the left side was already peeling at the sharps edges when I received them. Maybe just one that slipped last quality control. Nevertheless, they are the best leggings I have ever worn and I will be purchasing more.

Fit Details: True to Size

This tank is perfect! I love it layered over the Superfit Hero sports bra, and it styles amazingly tied as a crop. Its soft texture makes it comfortable for lounging, asana, and everything in between!

Fit Details: True to Size
Love it!

So cute & fits perfectly!

Fit Details: True to Size
Love them!

Super soft - looked great! I want more :)

Fit Details: True to Size
Soft and Lightweight

This top is amazing! It feels nice and cool even when I am toasty! It's comfortable enough for everyday wear and perfectly lightweight for outdoor fun in the sun 🌞

Fit Details: True to Size
Perfect muscle tee!

This shirt is excellent. It’s my new favourite workout shirt, and lives up to the high quality of superfithero leggings and shorts. The length is ideal, which can be hard to find. I want to own this is more colours, please!

Fit Details: True to Size
Comfortable and attractive!

Loving these leggings! The length is perfect! The compression makes me feel secure when working out. I’ve bought them in multiple colors now!

Fit Details: True to Size
Beautiful comfy & soft

These leggings fit so well. They are so soft and make me feel bright and bodacious when I wear them.

Fit Details: True to Size

Love these leggings! Great fit, comfortable, love the side pockets.

Fit Details: True to Size
Bike shorts

Love them! Love the high waist and the deep pockets. This is my 2nd pair.

Fit Details: True to Size
All Day, All Night!

I could (and probably will) wear this day and night! I love the fit through the midsection and the signature pockets set it off. The fact I can wear it comfortably without a bra is amazing, and it's versatile enough that it pairs great with the SuperFit Hero sports bra for higher impact movement. It's fantastic!

Fit Details: True to Size
First crop top

This is new territory for me, but I'm happy to join the crop top universe with Superfit Hero! I like the high armpits that don't feel chaffy. The fabric is soft and comfortable.

Fit Details: True to Size
Superbrights shorts are chill

The new shorts fit true to size with a "gentler feeling" fabric than the classic black superfits. The more relaxed feeling makes them nice for taking a walk or cruising on my bike or hanging by the pool. :)

Fit Details: True to Size
Same great feel, great new colors!

I've been wearing Superfits since Micki started the company years ago, and the quality and style just keeps improving as the company listens to their customers. Though I do find myself reaching for the familiar pockets, I don't mind not having them as much as I thought I would, as I love the look of the bright color with contrast stitching paired with the feeling of the same great soft compression material I know and love. The top also works great for me, even as a masculine person post-top surgery.

Fit Details: True to Size
Amazing workout shorts!!

I love these workout shorts! They definitely do their job to prevent chafing, and they stay up well while moving around. I also love the blush color! It is a little darker than I expected but super cute. The fabric is comfy and not see-thru. Definitely a great purchase!

Fit Details: True to Size
Hold strong but still comfortable

I wanted a pair of leggings that really kept me held in place while doing cardio, and these really did the trick. They keep everything under control but don't feel painfully constricting.

Fit Details: True to Size
Beautifully Bright!

Another knockout fit! I am a big fan of the 7/8ths length. The gentle compression has been perfect for restorative yoga practices.

Fit Details: True to Size
Can I wear it every day?

I just want to live in this crop top. SO COMFY!! And the color is so rich and gorgeous. I want to paint my walls this color! Top is not super tight so you can totally just hang out in it AND work out. And excellent quality, of course!

Fit Details: True to Size

Ya’ll, these bright colors are IT! I’m so in love with these bike shorts. So comfy and yoga friendly (not see through). Add a quick sweatshirt and sneakers and you’re Princess Di (post Charles). I cannot wait to get every color!

Fit Details: True to Size
My new favorite leggings!

Great compression on these. The first time I put them on I thought they were tight but they stretch while still holding everything in place so well. I wore these to Zumba and I these pants do not roll down at all! I'm apple shape so oftentimes the waist fits and the legs are baggy but these are perfect! Not to mention they are squat proof!
The only con is that the leggings are not as vibrant a green as I thought they would be but the pros outweigh the cons.
These make my legs and butt look out of this world; I walked by the mirror in these and thought "damn, she's got cake!" to myself so that's always a win lol!

We're big fans of cake! So glad you love your new leggings. :) - Micki K.

Fit Details: True to Size
Call Me Sunshine!

I feel like a beam of light in this crop tank! The color Marigold is spot on, and the fit is *chefs kiss* I am a WaterFit and it is true to size, lightweight, and comfortable.

Fit Details: True to Size
Amazing leggings!!!

I LOVE my Superfit leggings so much! The compression is fantastic for my long runs (well, any run but especially my long ones!) and they are the best quality! Pockets are the BOMB and with a variety of lengths they are perfect for my south Texas climate, no matter what it is! They are my go-to for races!

Love it! And thanks so much for sharing a photo. xo