Letter From Founder - Announcing new sizes L-7XL

 Group of athletes of different sizes wearing Superfit Hero activewear

Dear Superfit Heroes,

We are starting a new journey at Superfit Hero and I’m writing this letter to thank you for helping us get here and to invite you to join us. Beginning with our next collection, we are transitioning our size range to focus more fully on the needs of our plus size customers.

Superfit Hero's new Size Chart L-7XL

Since I launched this project in 2015, Superfit Hero has always been rooted in community. From crowdfunding the launch of the brand, to sponsoring roller derby teams, to #furbabyfridays in our private Facebook Group, everything we do as a small business is driven by our community. Over the years, feedback from our customers has helped us perfect the fit of our products, prioritize new releases, and create the Body Positive Fitness Finder.

Now, we’re adapting yet again. We recently completed an extensive round of interviews with many of our best customers. In these conversations, we explored the unique experiences of plus size athletes. We developed a much better understanding of what we can do to better serve the unique needs of our community.

It all comes down to one word: Fit.

Plus size shoppers are constantly having to ask: Do they have my size?

Will these clothes actually fit me? Is the size chart accurate? Can I see models that look like me?

During our interviews, many of our customers described their shopping experiences with other brands as “traumatic.” This is the problem I want Superfit Hero to solve.

Our renewed mission is to serve and care for a community that has been excluded and marginalized from mainstream fashion and fitness cultures.

Moving forward, our new collections will be available in standard sizes L-7XL or 12-42. Everything from the products we make, our messaging and marketing, to our customer service policies will be tailored to the unique needs of our community rooted in deep care and compassion.

We’ve put together a bad ass team of professionals passionate about fat liberation, access, and movement. Get to know our team.

I want to thank our entire community for being so generous with your support, honesty, and trust in our little brand. I promise to do everything in my power to not let you down. 

Stay Super,
Micki Krimmel, founder & CEO