Factory Partners

Supporting small business is the most sustainable choice you can make as a consumer. We are forever grateful for every purchase!

Superfit Hero is committed to partnering only with factories and vendors that operate ethically and sustainably. We are thoughtful about where our money goes and who we work with. We ensure that our factory partners provide appropriate working conditions and wages to the people who sew our garments. We work closely with them, and together we take our time to consciously design and produce high quality garments that last, with people who are treated ethically and fairly. Get to know our current factory partners and why we chose to work with them.

JP Sportswear in Lynwood, CA

The majority of our products are made right here in Southern California. Our local factory partner, JP Sportswear is a Los Angeles, CA based premium activewear and accessory manufacturing company with more than four decades of experience. Located in a state of the art facility in Lynwood, CA they are at the center of Southern California's activewear apparel market. Their core values are Quality, Employee Development, Integrity, Customer Service, Experience, and Environmental Sustainability. 

Quanzhou Jiachang Garments in Fujian, China

Our state of the art factory partner Quanzhou Jiachang Garmentsis both Sedex Members Ethical Trade Audit (SMETA) compliant and Business Social Compliance Initiative (BSCI) certified. SMETA is an internationally recognized social audit standard for supply chain working conditions. The BSCI is the European social monitoring system for ethical sourcing. Requirements for BSCI certification are far-ranging and include health and safety requirements, decent working hours, fair remuneration and no child labour. Quanzhou Jiachang Garments received an A rating on 11/13 audit areas in their most recent BSCI report. Additionally, they work only with OEKO-TEX certified fabrics and materials, which are tested for the presence of lead and other harmful substances. Quanzhou Jiachang Garments is a world class factory that provides premium products for top of the line brands.