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Bloomfit Training, Superfit Hero Body Positive Fitness Certification Partner

Body Positive Fitness Certification

The Body Positive Fitness Training is an in-person certification by BloomFit Training. The program is for group fitness instructors, yoga teachers, and personal trainers who want to learn more about the body positive fitness movement, explore their relationship with their own bodies, and gain the tools to advocate for a more inclusive fitness industry, starting with their own clients. Coaches that go through this training will become certified as a "Body Positive Coach. (BPC)."

Body Positive Fitness Coaches will learn:
  • How to create a fitness environment that is welcoming for all bodies
  • The background of the Body Positive movement, its application today, and the definition of related buzzwords like "Diet Culture" and "Inclusivity"
  • Cues and tips to use empowering language with clients
  • Empowering others to form a loving relationship with their bodies, food, and fitness. 

BloomFit Training is also a preferred provider for AFAA and NASM. 

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