Become a Superfit Hero Ambassador

Superfit Hero Ambassadors


Superfit Hero is a female-founded small business based in Southern California. We work with local manufacturers to provide the best-fitting premium plus size activewear for ultimate performance and confidence. Together, we can do great things! 

Extend your reach as a body positive influencer, plus size athlete and/or weight inclusive fitness instructor with our ambassador program. We frequently feature ambassadors on our social media channels, in emails, and on our website. Accepted participants receive exclusive promos, early access to new releases, and may have opportunities for product fittings and development feedback. Ambassadors will also earn money by generating sales through an affiliate link included with this program.

We have no hard and fast rules to social media presence, but generally we're looking for 10k followers or more across platforms. We do require that you own and regularly wear Superfit Hero products currently offered in our store before applying and live in the US. We want to work with real people who genuinely enjoy our garments, talk about us anyway, and want to collaborate with us more closely.

Superfit Hero Ambassadors receive:

  • A listing on our website as a body positive mover and shaker.
  • 25% discount on Superfit Hero products.
  • 15% commission on sales generated through your content with an affiliate link.
  • Potential promotional support from Superfit Hero including email blasts, social media posts, press opportunities, and paid advertising.
  • Access to our customer community on Facebook where you're encouraged to engage in conversation and promote yourself.
  • Additional perks like early access to products, special promotions, opportunities for product feedback and collaborations.


Ambassador Guidelines

All Ambassadors that are approved:

  • Have ditched diet culture to pursue body positive, fat positivity, weight and body neutrality, body and fat acceptance and/or Health At Every Size (HAES) for themselves.
  • Operate from places of body/fat positivity, body neutrality, body acceptance, and size inclusion in their work.
  • Are committed to inclusivity and diversity in fashion and fitness.
  • Do not use hashtags or post content that promotes dieting, supplements, weight loss, etc for others.

Ambassadors who are also MOVEMENT INSTRUCTORS that are approved:

  • Motivate clients with compassion and positivity, never shame or punishment.
  • Prioritize performance goals over weight loss when tracking success for clients.
  • Do not subject clients to weigh-ins, BMI scales, or any other arbitrary form of body measurement.
  • Do not use metaphors and class descriptors that suggest exercise is a way to control or destroy our bodies (EX: burning calories, incinerating fat, shredding, toning, sculpting, etc).


If you feel that you are a good fit for our Ambassador Program, we'd love for you to apply! This application will take about 30 minutes.