Superfit Hero Ambassador Wendy Welsher, Plus Size Fitness Instructor

Wendy Welsher

Personal Trainer & Small Business Owner

Wendy Welsher (she/her) is a size inclusive fitness instructor based in Sacramento, California who has ditched the scale and left diet culture in her dust. She's an eating disorder survivor who understands the recovery process and how important it is to set boundaries and heal our relationship with our body, food and movement.

Wendy trains clients through her business, My Joyous Adaptive Momentous Movement (aka My JAMM) in addition to working with the Joyful Movement app as a virtual instructor. My JAMM is the positive outcome of her personal experiences and response to the harmful and toxic gym environment that's shaped who she is and what she's about. Her goal is to show her clients, and everyone, how strong they are and what it looks like to find joy in moving their body! 

What Wendy loves about her Superfits

"Superfit Bike Shorts are the best out there. No riding up!"

How Wendy wears 'em

Wendy enjoys training in her Superfits and wears them most days. She also likes to lift weights.

Wendy's Super-fit

Bras & Tops: AirFit | 2XL >>

Bottoms & Leggings: AirFit | 2XL >>

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