Tasheon Chillous

January 03, 2022

Tasheon Chillous

Outdoorsy Babe, Personal Trainer & Coach

Tasheon Chillous (she/her) is a Fat/Plus Size Personal Trainer, Coach and Outdoor Enthusiast located in Tacoma, Washington. She believes that all bodies are capable and worthy of finding movement that brings them joy and supports them in all their big and small adventures. She is the creator of BOPOMO, a series designed for fat and plus size folks looking for community and support in moving their body. BOPOMO is designed to be safe, affirming, and free from fatphobia and diet culture. Outside of the gym space she spends her time day-hiking, backpacking and being outdoors. Tasheon is also an Ambassador for Unlikely Hikers.


What Tasheon loves about her Superfits

"I love that your products are specifically made, tested, and advertised to fat people for any and all activities. The colors are fun and classic which provides a way to show your own personal style. When it comes to moving outside I love that the shorts don't ride up, and have large pockets for quick grabbing of my essentials."


How Tasheon wears 'em

"I wear my shorts for hikes and love to wear them under dresses and skirts!"

Tasheon's Super-fit

Bras & Tops: StarFit | 4XL >>

Bottoms & Leggings: StarFit | 4XL >>      NovaFit | 5XL >>


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