Sarah Smith, Superfit Hero Ambassador

Sarah Smith

Plus Size Model and Inclusion Advocate

Sarah Smith (she/her) is a Plus Size Model, Body Positivity and Inclusivity Advocate, and the President & Founder of The Glass Palace Organization, based in Syracuse, New York. The Glass Palace Organization is a free directory/listing of healthcare professionals committed to treating people of size holistically and respectfully in a dignified safe setting, where their true health concerns can be assessed, and they won’t physically be judged or diagnosed by their appearance with an automatic response of everything being attributed to their weight. She is a body positivity and inclusivity advocate that supports this important movement daily through mentoring and working with companies and campaigns that support the cause. 


What Sarah loves about her Superfits

"I've never felt more comfortable in leggings. I often have trouble finding the right fit, but these were perfect from the first minute. They slid right over my curves, and with the SuperHold fabric, they never left their place on my body! I love how Superfit Hero shows women of so many sizes and shapes, and gives a visibility to diverse bodies that we rarely see in mainstream media."


How Sarah wears 'em

"I love them for yoga and for going on walks outside."


Sarah's Super-fit

Bras & Tops: FireFit | 3XL >>

Bottoms & Leggings: GalaxyFit | 6XL >>


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