Maggie McGill, Superfit Hero Ambassador

Maggie McGill

Non-binary Fat Babe, Fashion and Lifestyle Blogger, Author, Body Liberation Advocate & more!

Maggie McGill (they/she) is a queer non-binary plus size fashion blogger, content creator, social media consultant, writer, and newly published author based in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

In 2015, they picked up a camera and started an Instagram account and YouTube channel in hopes of making meaningful connections with other plus size babes of the internet. Maggie could have never anticipated the number of amazing people they'd meet! Through it all, Maggie has shared her journey with gender, fashion, body image, ditching diet culture, and learning to live as and care for her full, authentic self. And through her content, she wants to help everyone do the same! Maggie is also a mental health advocate, a body liberation activist, and loves connecting with new folks online.

What Maggie loves about their Superfits

"Superfit Hero has created athletic gear made FOR fat bodies specifically, which no other brand can provide. I never have to worry about my shorts slipping or spilling out of my bra! I love how high quality the fabric is, it's definitely built to last. What I love most of all is the inclusive size range!"

How Maggie wears 'em

Hiking, strength training, and running.

Maggie's Super-fit

Bras & Tops: WaterFit | XL >>

Bottoms & Leggings: WaterFit | XL >>

Bodysuit: WaterFit | XL >>


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