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Isabel Hendrix

July 12, 2021

Isabel Hendrix, Superfit Hero Ambassador

  Isabel Hendrix

Model, Body Positive Instagrammer, Small Business Owner 

Isabel Hendrix (she/her) is a Model, Body Positive Instagrammer, and Small Business Owner based in Los Angeles, California. She also models and sells vintage clothing online. Check out her shop at or on Instagram at @isabel_hendrix_shop


What Isabel loves about her Superfits

"The fit is perfect, they’re super comfy, and the pockets are amazing. I literally wear Superfit Hero clothes multiple times every week, tbh most days. I’m obsessed and can’t buy leggings or athletic clothes from anywhere else cuz it’s just not as good!!"

How Isabel wears 'em

"I go on morning walks and I also like to go hiking sometimes too in my Superfits! I also wear them when I just want something comfy to put on."

Isabel's Super-fit

Bras & Tops: EarthFit | Large >>

Bottoms & Leggings: WaterFit | XL >>


 Connect with Isabel Hendrix
Website    Instagram  

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