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Heather Says

July 14, 2021

Heather Says, Superfit Hero Ambassador

Heather Says

Hoop Dance & Burlesque Instructor and Performer, and Yoga Teacher

Heather Says (she/her) is a Hoop Dance and Burlesque Instructor/Performer and Yoga Teacher based in Houston, Texas. Heather is the creatress of HoopCubed, providing hoop dance, burlesque, yoga instruction, hoop dance and HoopYogini™ instructor training, as well as performer mentoring. Since beginning her journey into the dance and yoga world, she has taught on four continents encouraging adults to not only learn to play again, but to also quiet the mind and become truly connected and in love with their bodies as they are right now, and not what they think they should be.

What Heather loves about her Superfits

"THEY STAY UP!! I can teach a class, go to the grocery, cook dinner, wash the dog, and have an impromptu dance party, and these amazing leggings don't fall. And the pockets. Y'all, the pockets. No need to take a bag or stick my key in my bra when heading to a hoop jam. And of course, the size inclusion. I'm so incredibly PROUD to wear my Superfits and know that they truly care about bigger people. But bottom line, the quality is exceptional. They are as strong and comfy as the day I first bought them."


How Heather wears 'em

"Hoop dance, yoga, walking, attempting TikTok dances, chasing my dog, literally anything."


Heather's Super-fit

Bras & Tops: AirFit | 2XL>>

Bottoms & Leggings: AirFit | 2XL>>


Connect with Heather Say
Website    Instagram    YouTube    TikTok    Facebook

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