Superfit Hero Ambassador, Caroline @justmeandmymirror

Caroline Bresnahan

Mover, Shaker, Fashion Icon, Aspiring Fat Activist, Bridal Stylist

Caroline (she/her) holds an eclectic collections of jobs from adult education to bridal styling, but her true passion lies within her online community. When Caroline started her Instagram account in 2016, it was just a place to post the daily outfit pictures she had been sending her mom. In 2018, she found the plus size fashion community and began her journey into content creation. These days, her accounts are dedicated to FUN in the form of daily dances and style inspiration. Caroline is passionate about size inclusion, sustainability, learning about fat/body liberation, and being the representation she wishes she'd had.

What Caroline loves about her Superfits

"What's NOT to love about Superfit Hero??? I am so grateful to see Superfits modeled by people who actually look like me and the commitment to true size inclusion is *chef's kiss*. Not only that, but the products are also incredible. I very quickly ditched all my other bike shorts because nothing can really compare!"

How Caroline wears 'em

"Dancing, hiking, disc golfing. I also like to pop them on under a dress for a busy day at work. I even love styling them for casual daily wear."

Caroline's Super-fit

Bras & Tops: AirFit | 2XL >>

Bottoms & Leggings: AirFit | 2XL >>


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