Amber Karnes

August 27, 2021

Amber Karnes

Body Positive Yoga, Accessible Yoga Training School, Yoga For All

Amber Karnes (she/her) is a Yoga Teacher, Yoga Teacher Trainer, and Inclusive Yoga Expert based in Baltimore, Maryland. Amber trains yoga teachers and movement educators how to create accessible and equitable spaces for liberation and belonging. She also creates community for folks who want to build unshakable confidence and learn to live without shame or apology in the bodies they have today. Amber is the creator of Body Positive Yoga, co-creator of Yoga For All Teacher Training and the Accessible Yoga Training School, an Accessible Yoga Association board member, and a sought-after contributor on the topics of accessibility, authentic marketing, culture-shifting, and community-building.


What Amber loves about her Superfits

"I love that my Superfits are a perfect fit and they don't move. They're like a comfortable, supportive sports bra for my lower body! Investing in quality athleticwear is an important part of my self care, and it feels good to support a company that aligns with my values, too!"


How Amber wears 'em

Amber wears her Superfits while doing yoga, hiking, and biking. 

Amber's Super-fit

Bras & Tops: WaterFit | XL >>

Bottoms & Leggings: AirFit | 2XL >>


Connect with Amber Karnes
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