Plus size woman wearing Superfit Hero's SuperHold Collection Pocket Leggings.

"Superfit Hero Leggings Are The Final Stop" Storytime With Super-fan Anya

"For years I bought big-box store exercise pants, essentially telling myself that it was my fault they didn’t fit my bigger body, left me with painful chafing and wore down too quickly between the thighs.

But my Superfit Hero leggings fit perfectly.


No more rubbing in areas where it shouldn’t be, the legs actually come all the way up to the crotch (not a few inches shy like other brands), they fit comfortably at my waist, don’t fall or roll down or cut me in half! The fabric is durable, not cheap or thin, and will last these thighs many many rubs while also keeping me held in place in all the right areas!

Long gone are the days of giving up on a walk or hike because my pants couldn’t meet my needs.

It would've saved me a lot of frustration and heartache over my old ill-fitting pants that left me in pain from chafing. I was able to find my perfect pair after a super easy and quick exchange for a different length. This is the final stop everyone, I wish I'd bought these years ago."

- Anya, AirFit
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