Two plus size women wearing Superfit Hero Superhold collection.

Shopify - Future-Proof Your DTC Fitness Brand: 8 Industry Trends With Staying Power

Once, fitness Instagram pushed an impossible ideal dominated by overproduced images of thin or muscular bodies. As body positivity and conversations around fatphobia, ableism, and toxic wellness and diet culture become more mainstream, the content is shifting to become more inclusive. This is not so much a trend as it is a welcome societal shift. 

The flexercise trend is another shift away from the gatekeeping in many fitness spaces and communities. Influencers of all shapes and abilities are emerging to push the message that fitness is for everyone.

🥇 Takeaway: Fitness apparel brands can reach wider audiences with extended sizing. For other businesses in the fitness space, representation in social and ad content matters. Emily is working on an ambassador program for her brand and focusing on surfacing more user-generated content that hones in on real customer experiences. “It's not like they have to set up a beautiful shot that looks like it’s out of a fashion magazine,” she says. She shares her customers’ raw moments interacting with her products. “People respond to it.”


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