Plus size women wearing Superfit Hero Superhold Leggings.

SELF - The 18 Best Leggings and Shorts in 2022

Best Compression Leggings: Superfit Hero Superhold Pocket Leggings

These compression leggings from Superfit Hero—whom we’ve awarded before—are all about the supportive waistband. They have a snug feel in the torso, which our testers found useful during HIIT and plyometric workouts. “These will definitely be a go-to for my on-camera work because they look great, they stay in place—so no pulling up all the time—and they let you move around well too,” one influencer tester, who wears a size 1X, says. Our testers also loved the thick, opaque look and the feel of the fabric. Another tester, who wears a size 3X, noted how her phone felt extremely secure in the side pocket throughout her entire workout—the phone didn’t weigh down the leggings nor did it impede her workout—which she found promising. 

Available in sizes L–7XL. Additional sizes available in a similar style here. 


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