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Matter of Fat Podcast

Superfit Hero is proud to sponsor Matter of Fat podcast!

We are so thrilled to sponsor the latest episode of Matter of Fat, the body positive podcast with Midwest sensibilities. Co-hosts Cat Polivoda & Saraya Boghani highlight community voices with a lens on body size, body positivity and fat liberation. They check in on upcoming Minneapolis and St. Paul, Minnesota events during The Fat Dish, use interviews to hear peoples' stories as a Matter of Fat, and dive into the Dirt and Discourse. This podcast is great for listeners in Minnesota and all over the U.S.! 

You don't want to miss Episode 12 from Season 2 released on November 20, 2019. This episode features Sonalee Rashatwar (she/they), @thefatsextherapist, a Philly-based "award-winning clinical social worker, sex therapist, adjunct lecturer, and grassroots organizer". Cat and Saraya also review their Superfit Hero Capri and Sport Crop Bra sets (see photo below).

Cat & Saraya: "We tried the Superfit Pocket Capris and the Sport Crop Bra so we could share our feedback. And we got the exact same Superfits, same color sports bra, same color capris. We had to do it! Matching everything. And honestly we've matched before so it's not that weird. We've matched before so this is a new iteration of that."

Saraya: "Personally, I've had lots of leggings and sports bras before, none of them matching my friends, but I will say that some of them fall into regular rotation and others sit in the drawer for way too long and it really comes down to the details for me. So I haven't worn a capri pant in a minute but I felt so supported and comfortable in it. The fabric was thick and you couldn't see through it which honestly, I'm out here trying to live my life. I'm not trying to put on a show for anybody. And the fabric wasn't rough or slippery, it was more soft and strong. The waistband was wider than most others I've tried, which is good because I like to really pull it up there. High-waist game. And this allowed for that. I also wasn't worried that it would fall down while walking around or even doing yoga. And let's talk about the Sport Crop Bra, it felt like a crop top. The band was snug and I was fully covered the whole time. I felt like I could just wear it out and about or under some other layers. And, for all my people out there who have had to layer bras to feel more secure, I personally didn't need to do it with this crop. Also, I felt comfortable enough to rock the Superfit without an additional shirt or tank, which lent itself to some great big belly energy, which is awesome and something that I'm new to. I'm not always comfortable doing that so that was exciting."

Cat: "I really liked it and I'm really impressed with Superfit Hero. You know I love an athleisure look, or as I sometimes call it 'fat-leisure'. The pieces we tried were great for working out or everyday wear, especially the bra which you mentioned can be styled as a crop in a really cute way. I loved how the leggings felt sturdy and a very nice quality but still soft and comfy. Not see-through. And it's nice to have leggings with pockets, I'm here for that. They're perfect hand-sized pockets, they also held my phone really well and very securely. I felt like the leggings were really true-to-size too when compared to other leggings that I wear because I find myself often between a 2X and a 3X in basically every legging and the same was true here. I tried the capri legging in a 2X and also a 3X and while both were very comfortable, the 2X was a little snugger than I like and the 3X was a little roomier. So boo for me being between sizes but yay for the sizes being so consistent, I think you'll know exactly what to expect. And they, of course, have a really helpful size chart on their website. I also need to share that I really love that Superfit Hero is showcasing people of all body sizes on their Instagram and in their marketing. They're actively showing people in larger bodies. Their mission and values are present in their marketing and, you know, that's something I always want to see from brands." 

This episode also includes, The Fat Dish, where Cat and Saraya remind listeners about the upcoming fat burlesque show - Take it Off: A Fat Burlesque Revue. Their personal dish includes Saraya's jet-setting to New York City and Cat's attending Pitchfest. And in the Dirt and Discourse, Cat and Saraya review the recent Twin Cities Film Festival showing of the documentary "A Perfect 14". Cat recounts her take on this body positive film which covers the state of the plus-size modeling industry. 

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Cat and Saraya from Matter of Fat Podcast wear and review Superfit Hero Capris and Sport Crop Bras

Cat (left) and Saraya (right) are both wearing SUPERHOLD™ Capris in Metal, size 2XL. They are also wearing the Superfit Sport Crop Bra in Navy. Cat is wearing size 3XL, and Saraya size 2XL.


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