Plus size woman wearing Superfit Hero's Superhold set in Burgundy/Blush

Live Strong - The 7 Best Workout Tips for Athletes in Larger Bodies, According to Plus-Size Trainers

Establishing — and sticking to — a regular exercise routine always takes effort. But working out may present unique challenges for people with larger bodies.
For starters, there are workout clothes. While many activewear brands are putting in the effort to expand their size offerings, many still leave plus-size folks struggling to find workout gear they feel supported in.

In other cases, people with larger bodies may feel intimidated by or out of place in traditional gym settings, or exercise may be physically uncomfortable or painful. But it's not all bad news. We tapped two trainers for their top tips for breaking down these and other barriers to make exercise a better, more comfortable experience for all.

A few of Taylor's top brand recommendations for plus-size workout clothes include  Superfit Hero (sizes L to 7XL).


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