Plus size women wearing Superfit Hero Superbright collection.

HuffPost - Why This Recent Kohl’s Launch Is A Glimmer Of Hope For A ‘Superfat’ Like Me

Beloved indie plus-sized brand Superfit Hero recently launched a collection in 100 Kohl’s stores nationwide as part of the department store’s Curated by Kohl’s collection, which features “digital need-to-know brands” for a limited time. Unlike so many other attempts at inclusivity among brands and designers (looking at you, Old Navy and Lena Dunham x Honore 11), this release ― though small ― matters tremendously because the brand’s full line of sizes (large to 7x) will be available in the brick-and-mortar stores and the Kohl’s website.

Superfit Hero has been on my radar for quite some time, so when a representative reached out to me about this collection, I was beyond excited; I was actually shaking from the adrenaline rush of finding out that a major department store had taken notice of this brand and decided to feature it.

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