May 01, 2022

When it comes to your sweat sessions, well-designed activewear can help you perform your best. It is no secret that curvier women can struggle to find activewear that properly fits their bodies. We have rounded up some amazing size-inclusive activewear brands that you need to check out!

Superfit Hero

After entering the world of roller derby, Micki Krimmel founded this small, woman-owned business in 2015, making it a mission to cater solely to the plus-size customer. Superfit Hero takes pride in fit testing every garment in the brand’s full-size range and ensures that they are showing you the proper fit of the activewear. Superfit Hero comes in a size range of Large to 7XL.


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Refinery 29 - Why Do So Many Plus-Size Fashion Launches Fall Short?

July 12, 2022

That step-by-step process allows a brand more time to build out a customer base that previously didn’t exist while maintaining its existing customer base. “It’s most efficient to focus on customers you have rather than try to build new ones,” says Micki Krimmel, founder and CEO of size-inclusive brand Superfit Hero. “Expanding from a 2X to 3X is not necessarily the ‘revolution’ that the fat community is looking for, but it makes sense for [brands like] Athleta, for instance, that have built into plus slowly. They market their commitment to inclusivity while still focusing on their current customer."


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Live Strong - The 7 Best Workout Tips for Athletes in Larger Bodies, According to Plus-Size Trainers

July 03, 2022

Establishing — and sticking to — a regular exercise routine always takes effort. But working out may present unique challenges for people with larger bodies.
For starters, there are workout clothes. While many activewear brands are putting in the effort to expand their size offerings, many still leave plus-size folks struggling to find workout gear they feel supported in. A few of Taylor's top brand recommendations for plus-size workout clothes include  Superfit Hero (sizes L to 7XL).

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Sporty Sexy Swimwear for Backyard Pool Parties, Beach Days and More

June 22, 2022

Plus size swimwear should not only be comfortable, but it should also reflect the occasion and your personal style preferences. Our Superfit is designed by and for plus size swimmers and water sport athletes and you know you can rely on us to provide you with premium plus size swimwear that fits impeccably and makes you feel incredible. We offer extended plus sizes Large through 7XL, that's equivalent to a US size 12-44. Get out there! Wear the swimsuit!

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