Kristy Pisani, Yoga and Movement Coach, Superfit Hero Body positive Fitness Finder

Weekly Workout: Yoga + Weights by Kristy

Each week, we're featuring an online movement class with studios and trainers from the Body Positive Fitness Finder.

Yoga Strong (Yoga + Weights) (59 mins.) with Kristy Pisani is this week's featured body positive movement class. This is a fun and challenging full body practice where Yoga meets Strength! Infuse yoga poses with strength and resistance training, cardio intervals, stretching, and functional movement using light weights for resistance. After this class, you'll feel strong and energized!

This class is good for all levels, including beginners. Just bring an open mind and a positive attitude. Movement options and variations are always offered. It's recommended to have a few props: two blocks or large books, and light hand weights (or filled up water bottles, soup cans, get creative!). If you're not feeling it, this class can also be done without props.

Want to learn more about classes with Kristy? Get in touch with her here.





***NOTE: We're sharing these weekly workouts for those of you looking for a little home-friendly movements. We never want you to feel pressured to workout and want to remind everyone that needing a rest day/week/month is totally valid. Hope you all are staying safe & well.***

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