Fitness for All Bodies online course with Coach Justice Roe Williams

Fitness For All Bodies - Online Course by Coach Justice Roe Williams

Transform your personal practice while working to create a more inclusive culture at your gym, office, or training studio. A must-attend workshop with Coach Justice Roe Williams

The Fitness For All Bodies course is designed to support you in broadening your perspective on physical fitness. Learn how to decolonize yourself from internalized mainstream ideas about fitness, identities, and bodies.

This webinar features presentations by seven incredible fitness professionals who are experienced in making space for diverse bodies and addressing exclusion and discrimination in the health and fitness field. Absorb and integrate practical information about alternative approaches to working with diverse bodies, whatever your fitness practice or focus may be.

Learn more about the presenters:

  • Justice Roe Williams - Certified Personal Trainer, Head Coach at Kettlebell Justice, and the founder and Executive Director of BodyImage4Justice. Justice will deliver the introduction to the Fitness For All Bodies Course, highlight the issues to be discussed, and introduce key concepts to be explored in-depth during each presentation.
  • Roc Rochon - Doctoral student in Sport Management at Florida State University and founder of Rooted Resistance. Roc will present on making space for queer bodies in the fitness industry, the roots of their activism, the background of Rooted Resistance, and ways we can incorporate these values within our own practice and culture.
  • Courtney Marshall - Feminist fitness coach, OCR athlete, triathlete, personal trainer, powerlifter, Zumba and group exercise instructor.  Courtney (@blackfeministfitness) will discuss group fitness and larger bodies: what it means to be a larger-bodied coach, the impact of the invisibility of larger bodies within athletics, and the roots of the ideology that erases her type of body from the fitness field as both a participant and an instructor.
  • Ilya Parker - Nonbinary transmasculine educator, activist, physical therapist assistant, certified medical exercise coach, and owner of Decolonizing Fitness. Ilya will present on movement practices, invisible vs. visible ableism, why we embrace toxic ideas about “normal” ability, ways to create an accessible and inclusive culture for all people, and the work he does with Decolonizing Fitness. Ilya will also discuss how healthism and ableism reinforce toxic fitness culture and the ways we can dismantle it.
  • Sarah Polacco - Fitness Director at Achieve Fitness, Certified Personal Trainer, powerlifter, and kettlebell instructor. Sarah will focus on investing in your gym to make the space accessible to diverse bodies, what it means to create a fitness community that has a broad and open-minded reach, and the work of Achieve Fitness and their background within the industry.
  • Joy Cox - Social justice advocate and co-founder of the community fitness app, Jabbie. Joy will discuss the creation of Jabbie, the reasons she decided to make the app accessible to diverse bodies and communities, and why apps don’t highlight all types of bodies.
  • Tina Paul - Yoga Therapist, therapeutic yoga practitioner and graduate of the first Yoga Therapy Master of Science program in the US. Tina will discuss cultural appropriation in yoga and other forms of fitness practice, trauma-informed work, engaging with people whose bodies have been labeled as sick or ill, and will share her methods of making space for clients.

This webinar will be held on Saturday, August 15, 2020 from 10:00am - 1:00pm (PDT). Registration is $149.



 Superfit Hero Body Positive Fitness Trainer Coach Justice Roe Williams, Kettlebell Justice

Justice Roe Williams (he/him/his), is a trans body positive activist that has been a pioneer in his community since 2013. Justice creates safe fitness and movement spaces for queer and trans bodies in the Boston area.



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