Exclusive Interview with Plus Size Athlete and Yoga Teacher, Laura Burns, Superfit Hero Ambassador

Exclusive Interview with Laura Burns, Plus Size Yoga Teacher

SFH: What first drew you to yoga and what's keeping you practicing?

LAURA: I originally hated yoga and thought it was something only for thin rich white women! Years later I found that the intersection of yoga and body liberation was magical and healing beyond what I could have previously imagined. I keep practicing because it's just part of my life and philosophy now. Not just the physical asanas, but the other limbs that I've integrated into how I approach and interact with myself, others, and the world in general. Honestly, most of yoga is mental and is what has kept me moving forward with purpose and clarity.

SFH: What other passions keep you feeling your best?

LAURA: I also love crafting, art, interior design, DIY, hiking, gardening, and cats! The cool thing is that there is always something new to explore and learn about, so I'll never run out of things to try and love.

SFH: Tell us about something new you tried recently. 

LAURA: I'm a crafty person and love to try new materials and techniques. I recently tried leather working and it was so fun! I was able to make a wristlet clutch purse my first time and I feel so accomplished. I can't wait to get into it more!

SFH: You've been with us for a long time! How did you hear about our brand and what keeps you coming back?

LAURA: I originally heard about Superfit Hero on Project Runway: Fashion Startup back in 2016 and loved the message. I emailed Superfit Founder, Micki, about sizes and plans to expand sizing in the future. Her response was awesome and I bought the 4XL when it first launched. Ever since then I have been a fangirl for SFH! I keep coming back for both the clothes and the company behind them. The team is the best - everyone is really passionate about inclusivity and really responsive and kind. The clothes are SO high quality and stand up to years of wear and mistreatment. I love the fit that holds my body without compressing it past the point of comfort. I trust them to get me through tough hikes, yoga practices, and lounging on the couch.

SFH: What's your favorite Superfit piece and how does it enable you to live your best life?

LAURA: My favorite Superfits are the classic black capri leggings. They're basic, but sometimes we just need those basics that we know we can always count on! I trust them to always support me, never roll down, never be see-through, and be good quality. And the material is tough to snag or get messed up despite how hard my cats try.


SFH: Anything you're working on right now that you want to share?

LAURA: My new book! It's scheduled for release in early September 2021 and I'm so excited for people to get their hands on it. I wrote the book for fat folks to be able to find the benefits of yoga without the competition and diet culture that's prevalent in so many yoga spaces. The book is a love letter to fat bodies and accessibility! It's available for pre-order now, Big & Bold: Yoga for the Plus-Size Woman. 






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