Exclusive Interview with Latoya Snell, Plus Size Athlete and Marathon - Superfit Hero

Exclusive Interview with Latoya Snell, Plus Size Athlete and Marathon Runner

July 27, 2021

SFH: What's your favorite running destination? Are there any places on your bucket list?

LATOYA: Although Big Sur, California is one of the hardest places I've run to date, I love running in this area. It reminds me of a huge Bob Ross painting and that makes the incline tolerable. A close second would be hiking Mont Blanc in Chamonix, France. The views are mesmerizing and I hope to go paragliding from Mont Planpraz once again. It's an experience that I'll never forget!

SFH: You've been with us for a long time! How did you originally hear about us? And what keeps you coming back?

LATOYA: I learned about Superfit Hero through a BuzzFeed feature in January 2017. Aside from your catchy name, I love the way that my Superfits hold in place when I'm running, cross-training or powerlifting and have been a huge fan ever since.

SFH: What other passions keep you feeling your best?

LATOYA: Before shifting my career into the fitness and wellness space, I was in the culinary space for ten years. My heart tends to gravitate towards any form of art space. In my spare time, I love experimenting with recipes, painting with acrylics on canvas, dabbling in open mic poetry and listening to music from different genres that date back to the 1920s. All of my passions remind me that I'm a well-rounded artist in every space that I touch.

SFH: What's your favorite Superfit piece and how does it enable you to live your best life?

LATOYA: I'm in love with the SuperHold collection, particularly the pocket shorts. I love seeing the different colors and variations y'all release over the years and how they support my belly. In the running and powerlifting space, I get butterflies every time I step into these environments, but I never have to worry about my Superfits failing me during these vulnerable moments. When I wear clothing, I want it to be as limitless as the adventures that reside within me.

SFH: Anything you're working on right now that you want to share?

LATOYA: My new podcast, Running Fat Chef Podcast. It's a weekly-ish podcast that explores what lies beyond athletes' and public figures' Google and Wikipedia pages. To push guests to tell an authentic chapter from their own lives.





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