Creating Affirming Movement Spaces: How to Support Trans and Gender Diverse People - Online Workshop with Ilya Parker

August 06, 2020

A must-attend workshop with Ilya Parker, owner of Decolonizing Fitness, for movement coaches who want to create safe and affirming spaces for trans and gender diverse clients.

This workshop is Part One of Ilya's Affirming Spaces Webinar Series. It pulls directly from the lived and clinical experience of a Ilya Parker, a Black transmasculine physical therapist assistant and medical exercise trainer.

In Part One of this webinar series, Ilya will share directly from his book step-by-step ways to make your movement spaces more affirming to trans and gender diverse folks (particularly those whose identities exist at the intersections of race, size, ability and health status).

Objectives of this workshop:

  • Summarize the historical and cultural impact of western colonialism on the body specifically regarding the gender binary, listing at least 3 major points.
  • List at least five disparities that uniquely affect trans and gender diverse populations.
  • Understand and utilize the necessary language to better engage with trans and gender diverse populations, naming at least one example of why commonly used inappropriate language is harmful.
  • Access your movement practice and determine two areas to begin implementing more affirming services.

This webinar will be held on Thursday, August 27, 2020 from 3:00-5:00pm (EDT). For those who can't make the live date, Ilya will also be sharing a recording after. Registration is $149.

For sliding scale rates please email:




 Superfit Hero Body Positive Fitness Trainer, Ilya Parker, Decolonizing Fitness

Ilya Parker (he/they) is a Black transmasculine physical therapist assistant and medical exercise trainer. He is passionate about making movement spaces more accessible for trans, nonbinary, and gender diverse people. 


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