Kymberly "Coach K" Nichole Invites You to Join #FitCurvesChallenge 2016

Superfit Hero - Kymberly "Coach K" Nichole Invites You to Join #FitCurvesChallenge 2016

I'm so thrilled to introduce you to our newest featured athlete, Kymberly "Coach K" Nichole, a Body Positive Fitness and Wellness Coach on a mission to make fitness more welcoming for curvy women. 

Kymberly, please introduce yourself and tell the Superfit Hero community what you're up to:

I'm a bada$$ Certified Health/Wellness Coach, Blogger, Body Positive Advocate & Curvy Zumba Instructor! I run 5k’s, I do yoga and CrossFit and I share all of this Curvy magic with women across the globe with my Well Fit Curves Blog & The #FitCurvesChallenge 2016!

Superfit Hero - Kymberly "Coach K" Nichole Invites You to Join #FitCurvesChallenge 2016

What is #FitCurvesChallenge 2016 and how can women participate?

#FitCurvesChallenge 2016 is a year long challenge to keep women motivated & engaged in their health, wellness & fitness. During this time of year we see many women signing up for New Year fitness programs. Those programs are ok, but when February and March roll around, many people have settled back into “real life” and lost motivation. #FitCurvesChallenge incorporates nutrition, fitness and self-care into a sustainable program broken into monthly challenges that keep women engaged and not overwhelmed. 

No sign up is required to participate. You can simply search the #FitCurvesChallenge hashtag on Facebook or Instagram to find all the monthly challenges. Women who want a bit more support can join our Facebook group. The group is for women only (specifically plus size/curvy women) but all are welcome. This group is a safe online space where the members can talk all things health/wellness & fitness, share their wins & struggles, receive support from other women who are on the same journey and get some coaching from me.

Discussion topics in the group include tips for plus size yogis, nutritious snack ideas, activewear reviews and discounts, and plenty of personal ups and downs on the fitness journey we're taking together. 

As a health coach, I hear so many women say, “I don’t go to the gym because I don’t feel comfortable - no one looks like me,” or “I need a group of women who understand my struggles." #FitCurvesChallenge is designed to welcome more women into fitness without judgement. My mantra/hashtag now that we are in the age of social media is #MyBodyMyBiz - No one can tell me what to do with my body or how my body should look except ME!

Your work is truly heroic. What is your superpower?

My superpower has to be Confidence! I’ve gone through some really tough times in my adult life, but without the confidence to pick myself up, stand in my light & my truth I would never have made it this far.

Follow Kymberly Nichole “Coach K’ on Instagram, Twitter, and Well Fit Curves on Facebook. For bookings & group/private coaching, visit

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