Blaque Jac's Superpower is Determination

Superfit Hero - Blaque Jac's Superpower is Determination

Blaque Jac is one of the most loved roller derby players in the sport and that is largely because she is perhaps the most in love with the sport. If you're looking for an athlete with commitment, passion, and a positive attitude, BJ is your girl. She's a formidable blocker and will not hesitate to kick your ass on the track. But she'll quickly follow up with a hug and a selfie at the after party.

Blaque Jac and her team, Tampa Roller Derby have been having a strong season this year. Unfortunately, Blaque Jac will not be able to join them as they head into Playoffs due to a fractured leg. The entire derby community is behind her as she recovers and her team is looking forward to her returning stronger than ever!

What is your superpower?

My determination is my superpower. Without it I wouldn't be able to be where I am today in my derby career. I'm proud of being able to get through struggles and difficult situations, and coming out as a better person! My determination has allowed me to be fit and thick for the sport I play. Working on my fitness with determination allowed me to elevate my game and to become one of the strongest blockers in my league.

What accomplishment are you most proud of in your derby career?

Getting MVP Blocker at Jantastic Tournament in San Diego

What does a typical week of fitness look like for you?

Saturday - 2 1/2 hour practice
Sunday - 2 1/2 hour practice, Gym
Monday - 2 1/2 hour practice
Tuesday - Gym
Wednesday - 3 hour practice
Thursday - Gym
Friday - rest

What's your biggest challenge right now?

My biggest challenge right now is to find more ways to step my game up. And make it on Team USA Roller Derby!

Photo courtesy of Christopher Weeks, Black Cat Studios

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