Fifi Nomenon's Roller Derby Superpower

Fifi Nomenon may only be 5 years into her roller derby career but the Texas Rollergirls travel team Captain has already had a phenomenal journey. When she’s not working as an art director and digital artist for a production/post production boutique, she’s training hard with both her local league and Team USA Roller Derby. Like many skaters, she found roller derby after watching the film Whip It.

“I don't think there is really anything unique about my story, but what I find important is that I found my place in this sport starting at the very bottom.” - Fifi 

Fifi shares her story of starting as a skater with no experience, who through consistent hard work and training, support from teammates, friends and family and amazing opportunity- is now considered one of the best roller derby skaters in the world.

What is your Superpower?

My superpower is indestructibility. Among other things, I believe I am known for my ridiculous falls and wipeouts. I am really willing to attempt almost anything. That is what can take you to the next level. But it can also hurt a lot. But I will just get up, dust myself off, and try again. Ok, maybe I've torn some muscles here and there, dislocated my jaw a couple times, separated my shoulder, had a few black eyes along the way, but if you let little things like that hold you back from trying new things you'll never succeed at them.

What accomplishment(s) are you most proud of?

I am proud of several accomplishments in different areas of my life, but first putting on a pair of skates in 2010 and playing in the final first place game of the 2014 World Cup for Team USA is up there. It's not the actual place I ended up, though. It's that journey I'm proud of. Trying something new and working as hard as I could to become the best skater I could be.

What does a typical week in fitness look like for you?

A week in fitness for me can vary. Most commonly I will try to get in a short hill run a few mornings, fit in a couple off skates workouts, and attend as many as 11 hours of various roller derby practices. Weather permitting I also try to get in a trail run/hike, some stand up paddle boarding or a bike ride. All in all it comes out to between 10 and 15 hours of training.

What’s your biggest challenge/goal right now?

This year I am captain of the Texas Rollergirls' travel team, the Texecutioners. We are the original flat track roller derby league and have a legacy of playing at the highest level since the inception of the sport. This year my greatest challenge is doing honor to the job and to my team and my league. So far, this is the most difficult yet rewarding challenge I’ve had in my life.

How can the Superfit Hero community support you?

Knowing that there are others out there, working hard and fighting the fight to be the best they can be - that inspires me.

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