Superfit Hero Body Positive Fitness Studio PULSE House of Fitness with Shafer Minnick

PULSE House of Fitness

Fitness Studio
Washington, DC, USA
PULSE is proud to be Washington, D.C.’s first body confident fitness studio! They offer tons of different small group options, from indoor cycling to barre.

At PULSE House of Fitness, they know exercise can positively transform lives, but also understand that traditional gym- and diet-culture can feed into insecurities and build misleading beliefs. PULSE was created as the antidote to the idea that you need to be at a certain fitness level to take your first class, that you need to be conscious about how you look working out, or that you need to be perfectly synchronized to be up front. We’re putting the world on notice: YOU ARE ENOUGH!

Certifications: ACE, TRX, Kettlebell Level 1

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