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Natalie Dunbar focuses on sharing the benefits of Hatha Yoga as a peaceful yet powerful way to reconnect mind, body, and spirit. She teaches body positive, all-inclusive yoga, for all shapes, sizes, and abilities. In addition to helping to bring balance to those dealing with the stressors of everyday life, Natalie is also passionate about sharing the benefits of engaging in a regular asana practice with trauma survivors, using yoga as a vehicle on the road to healing.

Natalie teaches virtual one-on-one yoga sessions. Get in touch to learn more.

You can also find Natalie teaching with Curvy Yoga online studio. She is 1 of about 10 featured teachers. Curvy Yoga provides body-affirming yoga for people of all shapes and sizes. You can gain access these yoga videos via an annual or monthly membership.

Certifications: Yoga Alliance RYT-200, Yoga For All, Accessible Yoga, Curvy Yoga, Trauma-Informed Yoga

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