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Jenn Hicks

Nia Dance & MoveIT Classes
Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Jenn Hicks is a Nia Dance and MoveIT interval training instructor with over 10 years experience. Nia is dance, movement, martial arts, self awareness, and fitness, all rolled into one fun, music-filled package. MoveIT ups the challenge and makes you sweat. If you like HIIT, then MoveIT is for you! 

Jenn customizes routines for every class and helps with variations. She teaches neurotypical individuals as well as people with neurological differences including brain trauma and memory issues such as dementia. Her classes are versatile; done seated or standing, gently or vigorously, whatever suits YOU. Jenn creates a positive "no pressure, all fun" environment and movement experience for her students. Jenn practices a body positive, Health At Every Size (HAES) approach to fitness and is proud to have claimed her space in the fitness world. She thrives on creating inclusive and body positive movement experiences for every body. 

Take a class with Jenn at Joy of Dance Studio in Toronto.

Certifications: Nia Technique Black Belt Certified, MoveIT Certified

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