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Halfpence Moon Yoga

Yoga, Meditation & Pranayama
New York City, NY, USA & Online

Halfpence Moon Yoga, led by Allyson Higgins-Halfpenny (she/her), offers online and in-person small group classes as well as private sessions in an environment of body- and weight-neutrality and positivity. You can expect inclusivity and affirmation coupled with laughter and the occasional dance break. Class styles include Hatha, Vinyasa, Chair, Restorative and Guided Meditation and Breathing. Teaching focuses on accessibility, where students build internal and external strength as well as engage on a deeper level with the Yoga.

Have you ever thought… “Bitch please, I can’t ‘do’ Yoga!" Well I’m here to tell you that you absolutely CAN. YOU belong here! Sometimes all you need is an instruction manual. - Allyson

Certifications: RYT200, Yoga For All Certified

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