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Michael Zabala Aquino - PT, DPT

Physical Therapy & Health Consulting
Los Angeles, CA, USA

Michael is an orthopedic and pelvic health Doctor of Physical Therapy and the owner of Deconstruct Health Physical Therapy & Consulting PC. He provides rehabilitation for individuals with neuromusculoskeletal pain conditions. Some common conditions he commonly works with are pelvic pain syndromes (e.g. pain with sexual penetration, post-orgasm pain), urinary and bowel dysfunction, low back pain, neck pain, and CRPS. Through his practice, he also offers health consulting rooted in a body positive and health at every size framework to help folx find love for their bodies and create their own path to health as defined by them. Through the consulting program, clients will receive individualized health guides and workout plans based on their abilities and current medical condition, in order to improve their accessibility to movement.  

You can work with Michael at Deconstruct Health which is located in Los Angeles, CA within EVERYBODY Los Angeles.

Certifications: Doctor of Physical Therapy, Licensed Physical Therapist, Certified Applied Prevention Therapist & Health Promotion Therapist, Certified Ergonomic Assessment Specialist

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