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Body Positive Fitness

Personal Training & Small Group Training
Newmarket & Toronto, Canada & Online

Health At Every Size® group fitness and personal training that is anti-diet, gender-affirming and 100% size inclusive. At Body Positive Fitness, they teach people to be happy with who they are and encourage clients to workout to be stronger, faster, more energetic, and all the other amazing benefits that come from moving your body that have nothing to do with changing your appearance.

Body Positive Fitness currently offers OVER 100 virtual fitness classes for you to choose from, provided by 6 different trainers. These include virtual personal training and group classes like:

BOPO Zumba
BOPO Boxing
BOPO Move (body weight training)
BOPO Lift (weight training)
BOPO HIIT (interval cardio)
BOPO Strong30 (interval training choreographed to Music)
BOPO Stretch & Mobility
BOPO Pilates
BOPO Yoga 
BOPO Run Club

Owners Jenna Doak and Kat Horzempa, along with the rest of the Body Positive Fitness team members, are firm believers in HAES and want to teach clients how to fully embody the principles behind that message and encourage clients to find joy in movement. You can also join their community for virtual social events. If you need financial assistance to access classes or training, you'll find info about their class fund and sliding scale rates here.

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