Superfit Hero Latoya Snell reviews Plus Size Leggings

Meet Latoya Snell - AirFit Guide (2XL)

Meet Latoya Shauntay Snell! Latoya is a food and fitness blogger, marathon runner and athlete who is changing the narrative of traditional fitness and wellness notions.

Noted by The Root 100 as one of the most influential African Americans ages 25 to 45, Latoya is a sponsored endurance athlete, body politics activist, motivational speaker and content creator.

Latoya is a food and fitness blogger, aka Running Fat Chef, and has been featured on multiple platforms such as 3rd Hour Today, Good Morning America, Huffington Post and Runner’s World. She's changing the narrative of ideal body types, mental health and fitness stereotypes in the fitness and wellness space. As a contributing writer for several platforms and an ambassador for the Runners Alliance initiative, she uses her voice to talk about intersectionality in sports to change the language for future generations in sports and beyond.

Latoya Shauntay Snell (she/her) 
Superfit Hero Fit Guide & Sponsored Athlete
Evergreen Sports Bra & Capris

Latoya is an AirFit, size 2XL
*Height: 5'3"
*Bust: 47"
*Waist: 44"
*Hip: 52"






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