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Sarah Robles

She's too humble to tell you herself but Sarah Robles is known in the weightlifting world as "the strongest woman in America." She just returned from the 2016 Olympics with a bronze medal - America's first Olympic medal in weightlifting in 16 years. 

Sarah's physical strength is outmatched only by her commitment to being a positive role model for young women. We caught up with her during her Olympic training to find out how lifting weights helped her build her own confidence and why body image advocacy is so important to her. 

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Angel City Derby Girls

What does Roller Derby mean to you? from Superfit Hero on Vimeo.

Experience game day with our sponsored team, Angel City Derby Girls and find out what Roller Derby means to them.


Roller derby is the fastest growing sport in the world with 100,000 skaters worldwide. Angel City is currently ranked 5th in the world as they prepare for the 2016 International WFTDA Championships in November. Find more information at 


Leah Gilbert

"It's important for women to own their strength and power because then girls can see how it's done."

Leah Gilbert is a triathlete, athletic coach, and body image advocate based in New South Wales, Australia. She is unapologetically big, strong, and aggressive in her sport. By sharing her story, she is putting herself out there to be the role model she never had. Leah is the founder of Body Positive Athletes and Athena Multisport Magazine (coming soon).


Sarah Vance

Sarah Vance is a former bikini competitor turned body image coach. In this video, she shares her personal story of recovery from disordered eating on her path to self love and acceptance.

"Body image is so important because it affects every part of your life. When you know that you are worthy for yourself, you will understand why others would find you worthy.



Roz "The Diva" Mays

Roz "The Diva" Mays is an entrepreneur, pole dancing instructor, and internationally recognized body image advocate. She first discovered pole dancing as a fun way to get in shape. She didn’t know it was going to completely change her life. Through pole dancing, Roz has found both her confidence and her calling.

"I want to speak on behalf of every athlete who's been told you're too big, you're too slow, we don't have uniforms that fit you, you don't count. It is our turn to say we count.



Lois Betancourt

Lois Betancourt is a 17 year old championship roller derby skater. Lois grew up in competitive figure skating but as a plus size athlete, she was never able to find a home in the sport. Since discovering roller derby, Lois has found a supportive community and renewed confidence in herself.

This video was originally released during our Kickstarter campaign in 2015. It has since been shared by multiple media outlets and viewed over 1,000,000 times. If you'd like to share your story or nominate a Superfit Hero to be featured, contact us.


Beth Gilbert

Beth Gilbert (AKA Booty Ninja) is a 42 year old roller derby skater and competitive CrossFit athlete. She trains up to 20 hours a week to be the best she can be for her team, The Angel City Derby Girls, currently ranked #6 in the world. She manages all of her training while maintaining an executive level position as Senior Project Manager for a technology company in Santa Barbara, CA. Her commitment and her positive attitude are a constant inspiration to her teammates and coworkers - and most importantly, to her 21 year old son. 


Michele Burmaster

Michele Burmaster


Michele Burmaster is one of the busiest women in the Body Positive Fitness movement. She's the owner of Surf City Fit Club in Huntington Beach, California and the founder of Disrupt Your Diet and Body Positive Fitness Alliance. She's on a mission to make fitness a more accessible and positive experience for everyone.



Size Chart

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If you are between sizes, we recommend the following. If your body is hourglass shaped, size down. If you are more apple or box-shaped, choose the larger size. 

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