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SUPERHOLD™ Pocket Leggings & Capris

SUPERHOLD Pocket Capris - Burgundy/Blush

$ 88.00 USD

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* SUPERHOLD™, soft, stretchy and supportive, our signature fabric 
* Full size pockets on both sides 
* Secure, no slip fit
* High, supportive waist band
* Gusset for mobility and CT prevention
* Flat lock seams for chafing-free comfort
* Wicking & Quick Dry
* Fabric Contents: 88% Polyester/12% Spandex
* Compression for control and confidence
* 20 inch inseam
* Best fitting plus size workout leggings

Julia is wearing size EarthFit | Large
Height 5'9"
Waist 39" 
Hip 42"

Jai is wearing size GalaxyFit | 6XL
Height 4'9"
Waist 66" 
Hip 87"


Questions about fit or anything else? Contact us here or email us anytime at

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 202 reviews
    Fit Details: True to Size
    They're good enough

    Would I say I loved them, mmhhmm probably not, I do like them quite a bit though, it might be a close call. I love what the company is doing, and how they are going about it, and customer service is pretty awesome. I got these for long walks/hiking. I needed something that worked with my knee braces, and wouldn't rub through on the first walk. I've used them three times now a 6 mile, a 2 mile, and a day as a toddler teacher; so I feel I have a good amount of data on them now.

    What I love:
    Durability. A normal par of leggings would have had pilling and color change, if not straight holes by the end of any one of the three tests I did.

    What I like:
    Compression. It give a nice hold to your body. You don't feel like your jiggling around in them. Although because of it putting them on the first time will have you wondering if you picked the right size.

    Coverage: These are thick and they cover well. I didn't have to worry about showing off my underwear, or my crack showing. I loved that they are high waisted.

    Surprise: It came with a decal and sticker and while I normally just pass those things off as free marketing, I did really love the sticker, and can't deiced were to put it. "I work out because I love my body, not because I hate it." every time I look at it, it's 100% the reminder that I needed.

    My mehh:
    I'm a cheep-o I hate spending money on clothes! I always feel like they are gonna brake down quickly, or just not be quite right and I'll have waisted my money. So, 80$ was a big spend on clothing for me. I will say even though I had sticker shock and still kinda do. I'm ok with it because of what they are doing as a company, and now that it's here the quality actually seems really nice.

    They did slide on me, and when I had them pulled all the way up they did roll a few times, the first time I used them. They never tried to fall off my butt or anything but they did need some adjustments through the all day events. I have a feeling it may be because of how long a torso I have though.

    My size:
    I am 5'6", 330lbs, petite legs and really long torso, large hips and butt. Normally a 26/28. I followed the chart and got a Starfit 4X and it was true to size recommended.

    Sonia M.
    Fit Details: True to Size

    I LOVE these tights for running and just about everything. No jiggle!

    Amanda L.
    Fit Details: True to Size
    Comfortable and Stylish!

    These leggings are made with thick, comfortable material with a high waist that stays up. It comes in stylish colors and I love the pockets feature.

    Allyson H.
    Fit Details: True to Size
    The best athleisure!

    I don't like to wear athleisure. But if I do, I wear these capris as they are actually comfortable, easy to move in and I LOVE the pocket. Buy them, you won't be disappointed!

    Kat W.
    Fit Details: True to Size
    Best leggings I've ever worn

    I absolutely love these leggings. The pockets are great; I can run with my phone, keys, and chapstick without worrying about anything falling out or weighing down the waistband.
    I also love the level of compression--enough to feel supported without feeling restricted. And the truly high waist is amazing. I find it hard to wear other leggings now because they don't make me feel as secure.
    If I could, I would wear these every single day.

    Kat, Thanks so much for sharing this review and this bad ass photo! It's truly an honor to be a part of your movement practice. We will never take that for granted. <3 Micki K.

    Akua L.

    I love these capris! They stay up through the whole work out and the compression gives the perfect amount of hold.

    Kristina M.

    I was skeptical at first and it did take a few times of wear to get used to the feel, but I LOVE them! I know they claim that they don't roll down, but they still do a bit for me. I will say out of countless pairs of leggings/athletic/athleisure wear, Superfits roll down the least. I came back and bought more pairs so I could have a pair for every day of the week, (I love them that much). Very high quality so I believe the price is very fair.

    Carilyn O.

    When I first start running I think they’re going to slide down a bit—and sometimes they do-but just a bit—it’s like they have to settle in a bit.
    I have some extra skin around my abdomen. It can hurt when I run, but these can be pulled up high enough to truly keep everything in place! Great purchase! Buying another pair!

    Isabel M.

    LOVE LOVE LOVE these. I am a devoted Superfit black capri wearer.... I had no intentions of changing. But these blue..... stole my heart! Maybe time for a second pair!

    Kristen D.

    I love these capris. They fit true to size and don’t roll down!