Stephanie Vincent - Superfit Hero

Stephanie Vincent

December 05, 2018

Personal Training, Weight Training & CrossFit
Ambler, PA, USA & Online

Coach Stephanie Vincent (she/her) has a unique and personal understanding about what it's like for the unconventional gym-goer. She feels that her personal journey to feeling confident in the fitness industry makes her a great fit for clients who might be new or intimidated by a conventional gym setting. Stephanie believes in self love as the cornerstone to a healthy relationship with your body and enjoying fitness. Whether you want to get fit or strong, or both, schedule a personal training session with Stephanie at Kanna Fitness in Ambler, PA, remotely from anywhere in the world or in your own home. Stephanie also provides custom programs, written with your personal fitness goals or sport in mind.

Certifications: CrossFit Level 2 Trainer (CF-L2), USA Weightlifting Level 2 Coach, CrossFit Kids Trainer

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