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BodyTribe Fitness

September 02, 2018

Superfit Hero Body Positive Fitness Trainer BodyTribe Fitness

"We’re BodyTribe Fitness, Sacramento ambassadors to the Physical Subculture. We’re a small, highly unique, but intense program created in Midtown Sacramento over a decade ago…a neighborhood strength dojo with an international reputation. We’re a barbell gym, a powerlifting gym, a kettlebell gym, a bodyweight gym, and so much more.


You matter. Treat yourself accordingly. Strength has definitions that are beyond physical and we believe that "strength training" reaches far deeper than just what happens in the gym. When we are truly strong, we are imperative members of our tribes and to be truly strong, we embrace a profound relationship with our bodies. We were built to move, so move! In many ways. For many reasons. Explore. Be curious. Be empowered. BodyTribe is going on 16 years of teaching strength. Simple, usable strength. Our goal is to embody every body."

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