Ash Nischuk, Superfit Hero Ambassador

Ash Nischuk

Fat Liberation Activist, Podcast Host, Magazine Creator and more!

Ash Nischuk (she/her) is a one-woman band based in Texas. Ash hosts and produces The Fat Lip Podcast, a show for fat people, about fat people. She's also currently starting a new online magazine called Vast specifically for fat artists and writers. Ash is a tireless advocate for fat liberation and improving the lives of the fattest and most marginalized among us.

Ash is the originator of the concept of “infinifat” and the creator of Infinifirst, a once-a-month social media celebration of those who wear over a size 6X. She worked with us on our latest collection and gave us permission to use InfiniFit in our new size names. Ash lives in Austin with her partner and her pets and she can definitely recommend a podcast or a dessert that you will love!


What Ash loves about her Superfits

"I love that SFH noticed that quality activewear didn’t exist for extended plus sizes so they set out to change that. And they didn’t just guess at what we needed: they asked! And they used fit models who actually wear these sizes! So the finished products fit right and look amazing on us!"

How Ash wears 'em

"Seated yoga and cardio! And playing with my pup."

Ash's Super-fit

Bras & Tops: InfiniFit | 7XL >>

Bottoms & Leggings: InfiniFit | 7XL >>


Connect with Ash Nischuk
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